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Stereo Integrity (SI) 18″ D2 Subwoofer

I was lucky enough to win this give-away contest at last week. More info can be found here. [EDIT: Build log for enclosure begins here.]

Re: 3.5 Ohms
Fs: 17 Hz
Qes: 0.41
Qms: 5.8
Qts: 0.38
Le: 3.2 mH
Sd: 117841 mm^2
Vas: 411.9 l
BL: 19.7
Mms: 416 g
Cms: 208.8
Sensitivity (1W/1m): 88.7 dB

2.5″ voice coil
20mm Xmax
43mm Xmech
Aluminum magnet ID shorting ring
Spiral cut CZA VC former with a black Nomex wrap
8″ Nomex spider
Sewn-on leads
Large speaker terminals (will accept 4 AWG)
Cast aluminum basket
Proven and effective VC cooling method (air goes in below the spider, around the coil, and out the pole vent)
Paper cone finished smooth on the front side
Tall stitched-on rubber surround
Blank black dust cap 
600 watts RMS power handling


First impression: Quite stellar build quality for a driver that can be had for less than $200 retail. It was packaged very well. It will be some time before I can make an enclosure for this, so for now – pics of the driver is all I can offer.