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Stereo Integrity HT-18D2 [design/build] 1 of 3

Design complete.

Cabinet will be constructed from a single layer of pre-veneered plywood from Menards. I had some left over from another project. All bracing will be from 1.25″ solid wood dowels. The net internal volume is calculates to 4.24 cubic feet. That includes .2 cubes as indicated by SI for the driver’s displacement. If there is any imprecision in that number, it is from the driver. But certainly this is close enough.


8 dowels will span from the front to the back, lining up with the driver’s 8 mounting holes. With a single baffle, I felt it was important to brace the front as much as possible, and to couple the driver to the cabinet as much as possible. In total, the dowels remove 0.2674 cubic feet volume from the enclosure.








This is going to be the means of attaching the driver. Eight dowels will line up with the mounting holes, and each will have a threaded insert in which the mounting bolts will attach. The dowels will reach to the rear of the cabinet.



 UPDATE 12/12

I had a material mismanagement issue halfway through the table saw work. I had to buy an extra 4×4 of a similar yet not congruent oak-veneered ply. The new ply is not quite as nice, but will suffice nonetheless. Top and bottom will be from one type, sides/front/back from the other.

UPDATE 12/14

Wood has been cut, and I’m 66% finished with the double rabbets. Should be able to finish them off tonight and start gluing it together.


UPDATE 12/14 (evening)

Dry fitting. Looks good.

First glue. Attaching top and bottom to one of the sides.

UPDATE 12/15


Gluing other side to bottom and top.


Double rabbets.


Dowel bracing. There will be more of this.



UPDATE 12/16

Preparing to attach the rear.


Rear in place.


I was glad to see that the excess glue (PL Premium) will come off nicely when I flush everything up. The dimensions of the cuts and rabbets were such that I’d have an 1/8th to trim from all overhangs.

This project is continued HERE.