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Oppo to remove ISO support from BDP-95 and BDP-93?

An unfortunate rumor surfaced yesterday that Oppo Digital has been strong-armed into stripping the ability to access ISO files from an attached hard drive from their two very popular Bluray players, the BDP-93 and BDP-95. No official word from Oppo yet, but the assumption is that someone with industry heft didn’t like this.

This ability was added to the players with the 52-0707 Firmware released on July 13, 2011.  The feature was never officially claimed by Oppo, making it easy to strip away without resultant returns for failing to provide advertised features. Even the firmware release changelog makes no mention of it.

The featured allowed access ripped Bluray, 3D Bluray, DVD, even DVD-Audio discs (with the right software) stored as ISO files on a hard drive attached with USB or eSata. The net effect is accessing complete discs, with navigation menus, trailers, and anything else on the original, without ever opening the tray of the player.

This morning I turned off Firmware Update notification in my 93. I won’t be updating my player at all unless a release is confirmed by others to NOT strip this feature. I have spent considerable time ripping all of my DVD-Audio discs to ISO.

I guess I will be giving up on the hope that Oppo would one day add such support to SACD ISO files. I’m glad I didn’t buy an old PS3 yet.

The moderators at AVSforum have requested that discussions of this rumor cease until there is further confirmation. Feel free to discuss below.


I received a reply from Oppo support this afternoon. Their response is below.

The removal or addition of any features is always considered when we are designing new firmware releases. Unfortunately at this time we can’t discuss what will be in the next firmware release until the firmware has been finalized and is awaiting to be released to the general public.

If ISO support were to be removed, it would be clearly listed in our Release Notes for any firmware release. Although ISO was never officially supported by us, it is a feature which we know is used by many customers and is seen as desirable. We would never remove any feature without giving our customers full warning and disclosure, regardless of the of, or lack thereof, official support.

Best Regards,

Customer Service
OPPO Digital, Inc.
2629B Terminal Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94043
Tel: 650-961-1118
Fax: 650-961-1119


  • Scott Muhlbaier

    Ben–I was the one who probably found out about this first from Oppo (and posted the AVS comment).   Ironically they mentioned it after I, too, inquired about SACD ISO possibility.  It’s like you are reading my mind about what is most lamented with doing this—DVD Audio ISOs.  As far as I know there is no other way to access them other than the ISO (unplayable “AOB” files), and I also have spent a lot of time making backups of my many valuable discs.  Not to mention there are some amazing “homemade” releases to be found (upsampled FLAC ISOs) that help to keep alive the best music format ever invented. 

    Keep that notification off–unfortunately i have no doubt removal will be coming in the next few months.  They are too small of a company to take on the big boys…and the order may be coming from the chip designer themselves.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for commenting, Scott. Would you be comfortable quoting the email in which they mentioned this? I understand if not. It’s surprising that a customer service rep would dish out inside info like that. I guess it happens. They certainly didn’t deny it in their email to me. 

      Fortunately there isn’t much more I need from the player, so I can live without updating in the future if need be.

      I had previously ripped my DVD-A discs to multichannel FLAC for disk or DLNA access. Then I did them again to ISO when the support was added on the Oppo. 

      With the multichannel FLAC as an option, I’m more bummed about the prospect of never being able to access SACD-R ISO’s. The ability now to back them up is one thing, but I want all discs out of my life. My SACDs are the final stroke. The little thread of hope I had for that is now withering away. The hardware and software tweaks necessary to rip SACD’s to wav/flac (PS3, adjusting gain, etc.) is more than I’m willing to invest in. Direct ISO reading would be the ultimate. 

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