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Kenwood KA-5700 – Powder Coat

Here are a few pictures of the powder-coated case. This was previously the stock black. The good folks at Sweet Williams Powder Coating were a big help. I was having a very difficult time removing the original black coating. The sand blaster I have at work wasn’t up to the task. They ended up using some sort of aircraft stripper and some manual scraping. I ordered some RAL 9001 Cream powder coat, and a clear topcoat. The availability of 1/2 lb powder quantities online makes any color a possibility (when your coater is willing). Previous attempts at having things powder coated were met with responses like “Black, white, or $200 minimum.” It was refreshing find a shop that was willing to go out of their way for my small one-off job.

The next and final step for this will be to add mahogany sides.

Here is a before and after. I failed to get many shots of the black casing before sending it off for coating.



  • Bill

    It’s gorgeous. Nice work.