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Kenwood KA-5700 Integrated Amp

This is a little 40 wpc amp I picked up on Ebay to power my Overnight Sensations. It arrived in very good shape. All functions appear to work. The DC offset measured an acceptable 25 or 26 mV on all 4 outputs. That is a touch higher than ideal, but not something that needs immediate action. This model was produced from 1978 to 1980, which makes it about the same age as me. My plan is to add some mahogany panels on the sides, and to paint, or possibly powder coat, the black casing to a yet unchosen color. The inside could use a little cleaning, but it could have been a lot worse. I have seen electronics much younger than this with far worse interior conditions.

















  • John

    That’s really a beautiful amp! I love the simplicity and hardcore statement it makes. It looks more advanced than the ergonomic keyboard and flat screen it’s pictured next to, and it’s 30 years older! Could I ask what you paid?

    • baniels

      Hi John. It does have a timeless modernity, doesn’t it?

      I got in on ebay for $106 + shipping. I think it was under $130 altogether.

  • james hunt

    I have one of these and want to use it for Vizio TV sound. Did you use the AUX inputs for your setup?

    • baniels

      Yes, I believe I use the AUX input.

  • Jim

    I have a KW-5700 that I bought new in ’81 and still have. It still works great. The tuner pooped out though. Use it for my basement workshop. Cheer’s!

  • Robin

    I’ve never advanced beyond the KA-5700 – it’s my main, and only, amp! It’s used alongside a Sony CD/DVD; Sony Freeview and Archos DVR. Before moving house, used to feed a Sony PSX-7 and Sony TC-366 into it too. Hope they’re surviving up in the loft :-(

  • Dimitris

    i am from greece my dad have bought it in 1980 and now it is mine i am 29 years old and i hope that my son will have it too……..great machine…..