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Granite Subwoofer Top

I’m almost done building the second one of these. The minimalist construction (dowels bracing, single baffle), yields a somewhat light cabinet. Serving to both minimize the area I need to finish (coming soon), and to add significant weight to the enclosures, I will be topping them both with 3cm granite.

The piece will be sized to have a 1/4″ overhang on the sides and rear, and the front will have up to 1.25″ overhang (which is how far out the woofer’s surround protrudes from the box). With the flexibility of waterjet, I couldn’t stand to leave it all straight, so I added a little contour on the front.


These will be cut at my local friendly waterjet shop. Each will weight about 55 lbs. Here are some requisite renders. The edges will be polished and there will be small chamfers in the top and bottom to minimize face/head damage of small children.




UPDATE 01/23/2013

Granite has been cut. Will have the edges profiled sometime in the next week.

The stone is called Labrador Green. This is very similar to, if not the same as, Uba Tuba.


Update 02/11/2013

Edge profiling of the granite sub tops are complete.

granite subwoofer top


granite subwoofer top


granite subwoofer top


speaker placement

This is the final arrangement of the speakers and subs. I had originally placed the subs on the inside of the speakers, to broaden the soundstage, but there was a resulting nul between 60 and 90 hz impacting the mains. Rearranging them took care of it. My next post will cover this in greater detail.


  • Jim

    Very nice!

    • baniels


    • baniels

      Thanks, Jim.

  • Jason

    Subs look great! I have a friend who is building a subwoofer for me at the moment and was thinking about using a granite top, how do you like it so far? Should I be worried about the top cracking or vibrating loose or anything like that?